For Staff

Linked Senior is a cost effective, ROI centered service that improves outcomes, helps increase compliance and reduce risk, boosts staff empowerment and productivity, lowers staff turnover, increases job satisfaction and revenue:


1. Improves Outcomes & Quality of Life

  • Enhances person centered care
  • Provides staff with the tools to engage dementia residents
  • Manage behaviors by using programming as a non-pharmacological tool
  • Reduces need for anti-psychotic drug use

2. Better Compliance, Survey & regulatory performance

  • Impacts Quality Measures and helps comply with CMS mandate of reducing anti-psychotic medications
  • F-Tag compliance (Tag F240, F241, F242, F246, F248, F309)

3. Cost reduction

  • Reduces one-to-one labor costs for residents with challenging behaviors
  • Increases staff productivity and efficiencies
  • Reduces time needed for programming research and preparation

4. Increases Revenue

  • Increases referrals by showing hospitals better behavior management & unique programming for the dementia population
  • Reduces hospital readmission rates by decreasing risks associated with behaviors (wandering, elopement, falls…)
  • Marketing can show better quality & person centered care
  • Stabilize facility census by allowing residents to remain in current level of care for longer periods of time
  • Increases resident, family and staff satisfaction which also increases referrals