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Linked Senior completes PointClickCare certification for integrated dementia engagement

Washington DC, February 17th 2015: – Linked Senior, the leading web based dementia engagement platform for the senior care market, announced today the integration of their service with PointClickCare, the leading electronic health record (EHR) software platform for the senior care market. With this integration, Linked Senior will now be able to pull resident information directly from the PointClickCare EHR platform and be the first to provide an integration of this type. Additional services will be released in the coming months.

A cloud-based dementia and therapy engagement software, Linked Senior improves outcomes, client satisfaction and helps reduce falls and anti-psychotic drug use by supporting person-centered life enrichment. Through interactive applications, the platform enables the staff to conduct quality programming and therapy based on the clients’ needs. By eliminating manual entry of resident and patient information, providers can save time documenting the activity and performance of their clients, improve accuracy, and expedite the flow of critical clinical information while allowing for better life enrichment.

““We’re thrilled to partner with Point Click Care,” said Charles de Vilmorin, Linked Senior, President and CEO. “Working with such an organization reaffirms the values behind our company. Their ability to innovate and provide a high quality service is what providers need to offer the best care every single day. We look forward to advancing the dementia engagement agenda by providing the best innovation at the most reasonable cost and restoring dignity for our aging population. Senior care organizations face significant challenges, including the need to increase quality of care with declining margins and rising regulatory risks. An example is the CMS initiative to reduce anti-psychotic drug use, but there aren’t many solutions available. The ability to deploy person centered engagement while optimizing clinical care is important in providing high-quality services at a reasonable cost. With this integration, providers now have a solution that helps them tackle this challenge head-on, while improving their staff efficiency at the same time.”

Linked Senior’s mission is to enhance life in senior communities. By empowering the staff with these tools, an organization can offer its residents advanced programs that are more person-centered. The result is better dementia engagement that improves quality of life, quality of care, staff productivity and client and family satisfaction.

Data and clinical research show that more than 63% of assisted living and 82% of nursing home residents have some level of cognitive impairment. With the increase in client acuity and the recent anti-psychotic drug reduction CMS initiative, providing quality care has never been more challenging. By empowering dementia care engagement, Linked Senior provides a simple and effective answer to comply with regulations while supporting person-centered care.

About Linked Senior

Headquartered in Washington DC, Linked Senior Inc. is the leading cloud based dementia care and therapy engagement platform for the senior care market. Its cloud based solution improves outcomes, client satisfaction and helps reduce falls and anti-psychotic drug use by supporting person centered life enrichment. More information can be found here:

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